The Turtle and the Serpent

Possible Interpretation of the Constellation Orion

Possible interpretation of Orion Constellation in light of Dr. John Eddy’s observations of Medicine Wheel configurations. Reconstruction of hypothetical Turtle and Snake Constellation based on “The Council Stones” research project. (Identification of three stars in Orion’s belt is hypothetical extension from similar American motifs. Local place names suggest that this interpretive concept was current.)

The Snake is generally associated with the Eliptic path of planets, and sometimes with the Milky Way (seen above and to the left of Orion.) The green dotted line may also be used for a narrative sequence rather than as an animal spirit symbol.

The letters A, B, C, and D correspond to Eddy’s sight-line markers.

Illustration: reconstruction of hypothetical Turtle and Snake constellation.

Original background star graphic derived from “Exploring the Night Sky” by Terence Dickson, published by Equinox Magazine.

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